Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

Sri Aurobindo's Ideograph

Democratic Nationalism

The new movement is not primarily a protest against bad Government - it is a protest against the continuance of British control; whether that control is used well or ill, justly or injustly, is a minor and unessential consideration. It is not born of a disappointed expectation of admission to British citizenship, -- it is born of a conviction that the time has come when India can, should and will become a great, free and united nation. It is not a negative current of destruction, but a positive, constructive impulse towards the making of modern India. It is not a cry of revolt and despair, but a gospel of national faith and hope. Its true description is not Extremism, but Democratic Nationalism.

Sri Aurobindo, Bande Mataram, April 26, 1907

Date of Update: 26-Apr-24