Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

Sri Aurobindo’s Aphorism

On blind power of politicians & seeing impotence of intellectuals

"..human reason is a very convenient and accommodating instrument and works only in the circle set for it by interest, partiality and prejudice. The politicians reason wrongly or insincerely and have power to enforce the result of their reasoning, so make a mess of the world’s affairs, -- the intellectuals reason and see what their minds show them, which is far from being always the truth, for it is generally decided by intellectual preference and the mind’s inborn or education-inculcated angle of vision, -- but even when they see it, they have no power to enforce it. So between blind power and seeing impotence the world moves, achieving destiny through a mental muddle."

Sri Aurobindo, January 30; 1936

CWSA 35, pg.199

Date of Update: 15-Feb-21