Moving Towards South Asian Confederation

Trouble in Pak Occupied Kashmir (PoK)

The month of May in 2024 witnessed a violent uprising of the masses in PoK over rise in costs of food, fuel and high electricity bills. A section of traders have been badly hit after stopping of trade with India. Commotion followed arrests of about 70 members of the Joint Awami Action Committee led mainly by traders of the region. Pakistan's failed economy has been unable to provide any support or sustenance to the region. Protestors carried placards eulogizing Hindustan and highlighting their lack of autonomy. Expectations have been raised that in the future, PoK may realign with India. Though such expectations are far-fetched, there is hope that the future holds less of animosity against India among PoK subjects which in the long run would be rewarding.

Date of Update: 28-May-24